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Workshop 6: Technologies for Mobile and Wireless Adaptive Elearning Environments
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14.00 – 15.30

Performance-aware Multimedia-based E-Leaning over Broadband Wireless Networks
Gabriel-Miro Muntean and Steven O’Callaghan

Learning Aware Environment: a Laboratorium of Epidemiological Studies
Muriel Ney and Nicolas Balacheff

Performance Aware Adaptation in Open Corpus E-Learning Systems
Lejla Rovcanin, Cristina Hava Muntean and Gabriel-Miro Muntean

16.00 – 17.30

Activity-based Adaptive Mobile Learning in Fire and Rescue Services
Wichai Eamsinvattan, Vania Dimitrova, and David Allen

A Learner, is a Learner, is a User, is a Customer - So what exactly do you mean by Quality of Experience?
Sabine Moebs, Jennifer McManis
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Eelco Herder (L3S Research Center, Hannover, Germany)