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Workshop 2: Adaptation for the Social Web
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14:00 - 15:00

Welcome & Introductions

Invited Speaker - Jon Dron

Jon Dron is an associate professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems at Athabasca University, Canada as well as being a part-time senior lecturer at the Centre for Learning and Teaching, University of Brighton, UK. He is the author of Control & Constraint in E-Learning: Choosing When to Choose, which explores and describes fundamental principles of design for educational social software. His doctoral thesis was on self-organization in networked learning environments, and he holds a Postgraduate Certificate in teaching and learning in higher education, a Master's Degree in information systems and a BA in philosophy. He is a National Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK. He has published over 50 refereed articles on the subject of e-learning, and written a number of social applications for education. He was once a professional musician.

15.00 - 15.30 Paper Presentation

Social Recommendation and Adaption in Web Portals
Andreas Nauerz, Stefan Pietschmann, and Rene Pietzsch

User Motives for Tagging Video Content
Lex van Velsen and Mark Melenhorst

16:00 - 1700 Paper Presentation

Design of Coordination Mechanisms for Negotiating Conversation Initiation in Mediated Communication
Agnieszka Matysiak Szostek , Natalia Romero, and Berry Eggen

Generating and sharing personal information spaces
Paolo Casoto, Antonina Dattolo, Felice Ferrara, Paolo Omero, Nirmala Pudota, and Carlo Tasso

Chain of Authorities: Authority and Information Quality
Roberto Pereira and Sergeio Roberto P. da Silva

17:00 - 17.30 Discussion

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Eelco Herder (L3S Research Center, Hannover, Germany)