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Traveling within Hannover

Due to clever planning, traffic to and from and within Hannover is surprisingly well-organized and mostly free of traffic jams. Thanks to the investments during the Expo 2000, the metro connections in Hannover are excellent and up-to-date.

Tickets for public transport (valid for subway, bus and S-Bahn) have to be bought in advance at the ticket machines. Bus drivers sell tickets as well. All conference-related stops, except for the airport, are in Ticketzone 1 (for daily tickets Ticketzone Hannover). A single trip costs 2,00 euro and daily tickets cost 3,90 euro.

The airport is in Ticketzone 2. Tickets to the city center or to the conference value cost 2,70 euro (daily tickets for Zone 1 and 2 cost 5,10 euro).

Tickets at train stop Dorfstrasse (conference venue): the ticket machine seems to be broken every now and then. On the other side of the street, near to the train stop, there is a 'Bild' kiosk, which sells tickets as well. Again: we are in Ticketzone 1 - no need to buy more expensive tickets for Zone 2.

From the City Center to the Conference Venue, 'Wienecke XI'

Wienecke XI. Hotel Hannover
Hildesheimer Strasse 380
30519 Hannover, Germany

From the main railway station ('Hauptbahnhof') or the central underground station 'Kröpcke' you can take either line 1 (direction 'Laatzen') or line 2 (direction 'Rethen'). Trains leave every five minutes during the whole day and the trip takes about 12 minutes. Leave the train at the stop 'Dorfstrasse'. Hotel Wienecke XI (and the even more visible Biergarten) are now on your right hand side.

In the opposite direction, simply take line 1 (direction 'Langenhagen') or line 2 ('Alte Heide').

From the City Center to the Social Event Venue, '12 Apostel'

12 Apostel
Pelikanstrasse 2
30177 Hannover, Germany

From the main railway station ('Hauptbahnhof') or the central underground station 'Kröpcke' you can take either line 3 ('Altwarmbüchen') or line 7 ('Hannover Fasanenkrug'). Leave the train after about 8 minutes at the stop 'Pelikanstrasse'.

In the opposite direction, take line 3 or line 7 (both direction 'Wettbergen).

In order to get from the conference venue to the 12 Apostel, you will have to change trains at Hauptbahnhof or at Kröpcke.

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