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Information for Presenters

Below you find some guidelines and suggestions for a successful presentation. Please read them through, in particular if you haven't much experience with conference presentations yet. Good luck with the preparations.

Full Paper Presentations

Full papers will be presented in thematic sessions throughout the conference. Please check beforehand when your presentation is scheduled and inform us if you really cannot present at that time. Your presentation time slot is 30 minutes, of which you should reserve 5-10 minutes for questions.

Most likely the session chair will ask you to transfer your presentation to another laptop (or to use your laptop for all presentations during the session) - to make the session run smoother. Ensure that your presentation is compatible with regular presentation software (de facto standard is PowerPoint).

Keep in mind that AH2008 participants have very diverse backgrounds. You might need to shortly introduce some terminology at the beginning of your presentation. We advice you to concentrate your presentation on the main ideas and results rather than on detailed treatments of formulas and algorithms.

Poster Presentations and Demonstrations

Poster presentations and demonstrations will take place during the poster reception on Wednesday, 30 July. The poster stands can accommodate posters up to A1 (portrait) in size. Make sure to use this space. An attractive poster attracts more visitors. Try to avoid long blocks of text and to use graphics or diagrams instead.

The poster reception will start with a 'poster madness' - you will have about 1-2 minutes to convince the audience to visit your poster stand (try to raise their interest, you won't have time to talk through the whole paper - this you can do at the poster stand). Make sure to prepare 1-3 slides and to send them to Eelco Herder, who will merge the presentations.

Demonstrators have a 5-minute time slot each for shortly introducing their demos. You are expected to bring your own material for the demonstration. Contact us, should you need any other material and we will try to help you out.

Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium will take place on Thursday, 31 June. In contrast to some other conferences, the DC sessions are not closed and typically well-visited. Most likely there will be experts in the audience, who will be interested in providing you with their feedback. You will a 20-minute time slot, of which you should reserve at least 5 minutes for questions. Normally, discussions will continue off-line after the DC sessions. Make sure to bring some business cards to exchange your contact details.

Some general hints for a successful presentation:
  • concentrate on the main points and leave out unneccesary details
  • create and show a clear outline of your presentation
  • do not use a font size smaller than 18pt (better 20pt or 24pt) and do not overload your slides with text
  • ensure sufficient contrast between background and text (including text in graphics and diagrams)
  • practice your presentation beforehand (with colleagues), if you do not have much experience yet; also check whether your presentation fits within the time slot
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