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Accepted Short Papers and Demos

Short papers and demo papers will be presented during the poster reception on Wednesday, 30 July. The poster reception will start with a 'poster madness', in which the presenters have one minute to convince you to visit their posters. While enjoying a drink and a bite, you will have plenty of time for discussion. You can also visit the demonstrations, which will be briefly introduced on the big screen; the presenters will be happy to show you their systems during the remainder of the poster reception.

The abstracts for short papers and demo papers are available as well.

Short Papers

Do Students Trust Their Open Learner Models? (page 255)
Norasnita Ahmad and Susan Bull

A Framework for the Development of Distributed, Context-Aware Adaptive Hypermedia Applications (page 259)
Liliana Ardissono, Anna Goy, and Giovanna Petrone

Collection Browsing through Automatic Hierarchical Tagging (page 263)
Korinna Bade and Marcel Hermkes

Aspect-Based Personalized Text Summarization (page 267)
Shlomo Berkovsky, Timothy Baldwin, and Ingrid Zukerman

What Can I Watch on TV Tonight? (page 271)
David Bueno, Ricardo Conejo, David Martin, Jorge Leon, and Javier G. Recuenco

Adaptive Navigation Support, Learner Control and Open Learner Models (page 275)
Susan Bull, Norasnita Ahmad, Matthew Johnson, Rasyidi Johan, Andrew Mabbot, and Alice Kerly

News@hand: A Semantic Web Approach to Recommending News (page 279)
Ivan Cantador, Alejandro Bellogin, and Pablo Castells

A SOA-Based Framework to Support User Model Interoperability (page 284)
Federica Cena and Roberto Furnari

Integrated Speaker Classification for Mobile Shopping Applications (page 288)
Michael Feld and Gerrit Kahl

The Authoring Tool of ADULT: Adaptive Understanding and Learning Text Environment (page 292)
Alexandra Gasparinatou, Grammatiki Tsaganou, and Maria Grigoriadou

Interoperability between MOT and Learning Management Systems: Converting CAF to IMS QTI and IMS CP (page 296)
Fawaz Ghali and Alexandra I. Cristea

Proactively Adapting Interfaces to Individual Users for Mobile Devices (page 300)
Melanie Hartmann and Daniel Schreiber

Reuse Patterns in Adaptation Languages: Creating a Meta-level for the LAG Adaptation Language (page 304)
Maurice Hendrix and Alexandra Cristea

Implementing a Multimodal Interface to a DITA User Assistance Repository (page 308)
Aidan Kehoe and Ian Pitt

Analysing High-Level Help-Seeking Behaviour in ITSs (page 312)
Moffat Mathews, Tanja Mitrovic, and David Thomson

Data-Driven Prediction of the Necessity of Help Requests in ILEs (page 316)
Manolis Mavrikis

A Dynamic Content Generator for Adaptation in Hypermedia Systems (page 320)
David Merida, Ramon Fabregat, Xavier Prat, David Huerva, and Jeimy Velez

Automatic Generation of User Adapted Learning Designs: An AI-Planning Proposal (page 324)
Lluvia Morales, Luis Castillo, Juan Fernandez-Olivares, and Arturo Gonzalez-Ferrer

Guaranteeing the Correctness of an Adaptive Tutoring System (page 329)
Pilar Prieto-Linillos, Sergio Gutierrez, Abelardo Pardo, and Carlos Delgado Kloos

Designing a Personalized Semantic Web Browser (page 333)
Melike Sah, Wendy Hall, and David C. De Roure

Towards Inferring Sequential-Global Dimension of Learning Styles from Mouse Movement Patterns (page 337)
Danilo Spada, Manuel Sanchez-Montanes, Pedro Paredes, and Rosa M. Carro

VUMA: A Visual User Modelling Approach for the Personalisation of Adaptive Systems (page 341)
Melanie B. Späth and Owen Conlan

Bookmark Category Web Page Classification Using Four Indexing and Clustering Approaches (page 345)
Chris Staff

Personalization Using Ontologies and Rules (page 349)
Thanh Tran, Haofen Wang, Steffen Lamparter, and Philipp Cimiano

RSS-Based Interoperability for User Adaptive Systems (page 353)
Yiwen Wang, Federica Cena, Francesca Carmagnola, Omar Cortassa, Cristina Gena, Natalia Stash, and Lora Aroyo

Assisting in Reuse of Adaptive Hypermedia Creatorâᅵᅵs Models (page 357)
Nadjet Zemirline, Yolaine Bourda, Chantal Reynaud, and Fabrice Popineau

Demo Papers

Convergence of Web and TV Broadcast Data for Adaptive Content Access and Navigation (page 361)
Pieter Bellekens, Kees van der Sluijs, Lora Aroyo, and Geert-Jan Houben

Recommending Background Information and Related Content in Web 2.0 Portals (page 366)
Andreas Nauerz, Birgitta König-Ries, and Martin Welsch

Adaptive Portals: Context Adaptive Navigation through Large Information Spaces (page 370)
Andreas Nauerz, Martin Welsch, and Birgitta König-Ries

Personalized Recommendations for the Web 3D (page 374)
Bartek Ochab, Nicolas Neubauer, and Klaus Obermayer
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