Adaptive Hypermedia 2008
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Designhotel Wienecke XI Adaptive Hypermedia 2008 will take place in Hotel Wienecke XI. The 4 star Wienecke XI. Designhotel opened in 2000 and is located at the natural preserve Wülfeler Leineauen and it is only ten minutes away from city centre and in the immediate vicinity of the EXPO/Exhibition grounds.

The hotel offers optimal conference rooms with modern technical equipment. In the evening, you can unwind in the traditional Wülfeler Brauereigaststätte, which offers German cuisine or just relax under old trees with view of the Leinemeadows on the hotel's terrace. Wireless LAN will be available throughout the conference.

Wienecke XI. Hotel Hannover GmbH
Hildesheimer Strasse 380
30519 Hannover

On the Local Travel Info page you find instructions on how to get there.
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