Adaptive Hypermedia 2008
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Topics of Interest

Submissions are invited on substantial, original, and previously unpublished research in all aspects of adaptive hypermedia and adaptive web-based systems, including, but not limited to:

  • User profiling and modeling in adaptive hypermedia
  • Acquisition, updating and management of user models
  • Group modeling and community-based profiling
  • Recommender systems and recommendation strategies
  • Data mining for personalization
  • Personalization, meta-data and standards (XML, the Semantic Web Initiative)
  • Intelligent agents for personalization and adaptivity
  • Composition and management of adaptive Web services and hypermedia
  • Adaptation systems and techniques
Application Domains
  • Adaptive information filtering and personalized information retrieval
  • Personalized e-Learning and adaptive educational systems
  • Personalization to support collaboration
  • User interfaces for all
  • Personalization for digital TV
  • Personalizing the mobile computing (PDAs, mobile phones and other handheld devices)
  • Personalized Web sites and e-commerce and eGovernment services
  • Personalization in digital libraries; personalized tourist and cultural heritage
  • Personalization in healthcare and public health information
  • Cross-platform adaptivity and personalization in ubiquitous systems
  • Adaptivity and personalization on the 3D Web
  • Adaptive hypermedia in ubiquitous computing environments and Smart Spaces
  • Adaptive multimedia content authoring and delivery
  • Privacy, trust and security in adaptive systems
  • Architectures for scalable adaptive systems
  • Evaluation methodologies, deployment experiences & user studies
  • Empirical studies of adaptive hypermedia and Web systems
  • Management, usability and scrutability of adaptive systems
  • Management of large hyperspaces
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