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blended learning@AH is a special discussion event that will take place throughout the AH2008 conference. Thought-provoking discussions on adaptive learning systems, blended learning and quality of experience.

  • What research has been done recently or is ongoing?
  • What topics should be addressed next?
  • Do we know what our learners need?
What topics should be addressed next towards a development of the
best quality of experience of the learner in a learning system – independent of the
paradigm it has been developed under.

You don't have to submit anything to this event beforehand, BUT:
You contribute the topics at AH2008.
You select the topics you would like to discuss.
You discuss.

Discussions can be structured in different ways. The participants can decide to use
brainstorming supported by mindmaps or simply have discussions with someone
taking minutes.

Meet at 2pm at reception on Wednesday and Thursday.

Look forward to meeting you at bl.AH!
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Eelco Herder (L3S Research Center, Hannover, Germany)